Purpose of this site

I have been active in Islamic work for years and I hope to document some of what I have learned along the way here. I also intend to use this site as a platform to increase my involvement in Islamic work and learning. I pray that my family, friends and anyone else interested will benefit from this humble effort. I pray that God accepts any good found herein and forgives me for any errors.

My Religious Background and Journey

All Praise and Thanks are due to God. I am an American Muslim, born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. I accepted Islam in 1998 at the age of 17 after researching various religions and philosophies. I was introduced to Islam at 14, when I saw the movie “X” by Spike Lee, based on the autobiography of Malcolm X.

I speak about my journey in more detail in this episode of Sultans and Sneakers, hosted by Mahin Islam, if you are interested! Education Soon after accepting Islam, I traveled to the Holy City of Makkah, Saudi Arabia to increase my knowledge of Arabic and Islamic Sciences. I was able to complete an American Imam certificate course and studied various introductory books of Islamic Jurisprudence and Islamic Belief with Shaikh Khalid al-Halawani, whom I continue to benefit from, Alhamdulillah.

I am an active student continuing my studies with various scholars and institutions, including AlMaghrib Institute and International Open University.

Community Work and Da’wah

I completed a term as a director and chairman of Noor Islamic Cultural Center (Dublin, Ohio) in June 2021. I am currently the Ameer of Qableet Mujaddad, AlMaghrib Institute’s Columbus, Ohio volunteer team. I lead Friday Prayers regularly at mosques around Central Ohio (see my schedule for details). I also lead and mentor a youth group and work with various organizations doing community outreach.

Personal Life

I am blessed with a wonderful wife, Sana, and three children. Professionally, I have worked in various technology and IT roles for over 15 years.

Get in touch

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