Purpose of this site

The Muslim is encouraged to make his family a priority in all matters – particularly in spiritual ones. For this reason I intend to develop this site as a place to fulfill some of that obligation. I have been active in Islamic work for years and I hope to share some of what I have learned here. I also intend to use this site to organize, document and increase my involvement in Islamic work and learning.

I pray that my family, friends and anyone else interested will benefit from this humble effort. I pray that God accepts any good found herein and forgives me for any errors. For the non-Muslims, I sincerely hope that they may find some understanding and guidance regarding this religion and way of life.

My Background

All Praise and Thanks are due to God. I am an American Muslim, born and raised in Columbus, Ohio. I accepted Islam in 1998 at the age of 17 after researching various religions and philosophies. I was introduced to Islam at 14, when I saw the movie “X” by Spike Lee, based on the autobiography of Malcolm X. Soon thereafter, I traveled to the Holy City of Makkah, Saudi Arabia to increase my knowledge of Arabic and Islamic Sciences. I was able to participate in an American Imam training program and studied various introductory books of Islamic Jurisprudence and Islamic Belief with Shaikh Khalid al-Halawani.

Shortly after I came back to the states I married my wife, Sana. We have three children - All thanks and praise are due to Allah, who gives gifts continuously, even though we are not deserving.

I remained active in Da’wah in Central Ohio, specifically as a khateeb (Islamic Preacher) and youth volunteer until I left for Nebraska in 2008. I served as president on the board of the Islamic Foundation of Lincoln and helped organize youth study circles and other da'wah related activities. I returned to Central Ohio in 2012 and am currently active in pursuit of increasing my own knowledge and teaching in local mosques, youth groups and organizations. 

I am currently the Vice Chair of the Board of Directors of Noor Islamic Cultural Center in Hilliard, Ohio, though this is my personal blog and not affiliated with any specific institution. 

Thanks for taking a few minutes to visit!


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